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GunRnr/JeepInTaiwan Collaboration Preset Pack for Adobe Light Room

$15.00 - $49.00

  • Image of GunRnr/JeepInTaiwan Collaboration Preset Pack for Adobe Light Room

We teamed up with @JeepinTaiwan to develop a pack of presets that are specifically tailored for the Mountainous terrain and Tropical/Subtropical Climates of Taiwan.

Although this preset pack was originally developed for the Taiwanese market, they are a great addition to any preset library and will come in handy if you're looking for cloudy, moody shots.

Your Digital Download will include:
6 GunRnr/JeepInTaiwan Presets for Adobe LR
6 GunRnr/JeepInTaiwan DNG files to Import if you’re using LR Mobile.
1 Source Image that was used to develop the Presets (so you know where to start)
6 Sample Finished Images


Upon ordering, you will receive an email within 72 hours that contains your presets and reference images. The file will be a .Zip file delivered via GOOGLE DRIVE.

Please make sure the email address associated with your order is the email address you want to have your Preset Pack sent. To prevent unauthorized file sharing, we are only able to provide access to the email address associated with your order. We are not responsible if the email address provided for file access is incorrect.

Presets are optimized for camera RAW files. Your experience may vary with jpg and other image files. Presets are different than instant filters and still require you to work with the image based on how the image was originally taken. You will most likely need to tweak your exposure, color temp and use brushes to get a fully realized image. This is why the source image was included, so you have a reference point for where to start.

**All preset sales are final.


To Import presets (Desktop Version)

1. In Adobe Lightroom, open the Presets panel by clicking the Presets icon at the bottom of the Edit panel. Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the and select Import Presets. Alternatively, you can import presets from the Menu bar by choosing File > Import Profiles & Presets.

2. Locate the preset files that you want to import in the "GUNRNR Adobe LR Presets (Desktop Version)" Folder. Select a single preset or multiple presets.

3. Click the Import. You now see the imported presets in the Presets panel.

Note: Any preset that you import into Lightroom on a computer automatically syncs to Lightroom on your mobile devices too, so you can apply the same presets to photos no matter where you are.

To Import Preset (Mobile Version)
1. Save the preset download folder to your mobile device using the Files App (Apple IOS Users) or an equivalent file application.

2. Open/Unzip the preset folder.

3. In LR App, click import photo icon in bottom right corner. Select "From Files" at the next prompt.

4. Locate the .DNG Files in the "GUNRNR Snow Mobile Presets" Folder.

5. Import both snow images.

6. With one image open on the edit screen, click the three-dot icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select "Create Preset." Select a name for your preset and confirm settings with the check mark in the upper right hand corner (we have found that deselecting tools/optics/geometry before importing works best as it leaves you with a relatively blank canvas to being your edit. Leaving them selected may result in multiple edit tools that you do not need). Repeat this process with the second .DNG File.

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